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These Products Made Me Embrace My Curls

Embracing your natural curls is not an easy process! It’s more of a personal journey that requires multiple product trials and a whole lot of TLC. For years, straightening my hair was a crucial part of my daily routine and the societal standards of beauty was one of the key reasons why I did this. Now this sounds dramatic, but I was that person that had to align plans with my hair routine. The girls that get it, get it. I would do everything I could to conceal my curls because I couldn’t find the right products, and I never thought I looked good with my natural hair until now.  


For those of us with curly hair, we know that our hair type requires a completely different set of products and I’ve finally found my go-to curl friendly products that have enabled me to reclaim my natural texture! Here’s how they measured up. 


Silk Oil of Morocco Vegan Curl Crème  

Embrace your curls with Silk Oil of Morocco’s Vegan Curl Crème! This lightweight formula defines the appearance of natural curls whilst locking in hydration and nutrients. I’m always hesitant to try curl creams because I’ve always struggled to find one that didn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and heavy, so this was a game changer. Not only did this product leave my hair feeling healthy and my curls more defined, but it also smells amazing! Infused with a passionfruit fragrance this crème provides the ultimate moisture fix to dry curls & leaves natural curls enhanced, silky smooth with vibrant shine. Curly girl approved. 


Evo Liquid Rollers  

Expect some of your best hair days with the Evo Liquid Rollers. This curl balm improves hair styling and provides added support for curly, wavy hair. I found it to be super nourishing and helped my hair with the post-shower frizz I usually get. I’ve always considered my curly hair to be hard to maintain but after using this product for a few months I know it was just because I didn’t have the right products. I love that it secures the moisture in my hair and makes getting the tangles out of my curls so much easier.  


Evo Total Recoil Curl Definer  

As the name suggests, this curl friendly formula defines curls, whilst eliminating frizz and provides a strong long-lasting hold. I’ve been using the Evo Total Recoil Curl Definer with Evo Liquid Rollers for extra maintenance. Using the smallest amount goes a long way when using the two together. The Recoil Curl Definer is dedicated to curly hair so you can expect this product to hold and produce well-defined curls.  


Goldwell Curls & Waves Soft Waver 

My goal this year is to spend less time on my hair, so I’m looking for the whole package; the type of product that’ll help me say goodbye to frizz and hello to shiny and smooth waves. The Goldwell Curls & Waves Soft Waver delivers. I love the way this product keeps my curls intact without weighing them down and giving them a gentle hold all day long.  


Clever Curl WonderFoam   

Curly hair is often dry so a product with long lasting moisture is a MUST. Meet your ultimate hair hero The Wonderfoam. This 100% vegan friendly product really helps to eliminate frizz, create voluminous and defined curls. I’ve also never used a foam textured hair product before, so this was super fun to use and apply. A top shelf product in my beauty cabinet for sure! 


The Verdict 

Overall, I feel empowered! I never thought that I would get to a point where I could give my hair a break from the hot tools and embrace my curls. Just when I thought I had tried every curly hair product possible and was ready to give up, I’ve found my holy grails. It’s hard to choose a favourite out of these incredible products because all of them have really helped me eliminate frizz, define my curls and leave my hair looking healthy and hydrated. So, if you’re currently on a journey to embracing your natural texture, I can confirm these products will help you out! Both affordable and formulated to give your curls what they need. 


Shop these curly hair hero products today at Oz Hair and Beauty.