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Ace The Skincare Basics With Dermalogica

Have you cheated? As skincare fanatics, we all tend to have a wondering eye, dabbling our toes into new and exciting ponds, distracting us from the OG brands we know and love. It’s ok, Dermalogica is like that trusty babe who you’ll always run back to. Look and try all you want, you know your side pieces can’t compete with your main, that’s why they’re your main after all. Now, let’s talk more about how to get bae to love you back after your display of countless red flags. Put down your retinol for a moment, we’re going back to basics; today we're chatting all about how to ace the basic steps of your skincare routine to get the best out of the Dermalogica range 


Ok, I know you’re thinking “come on, this is child's play” but just hear me out. With summer approaching, your skin will start to sweat more, leaving oil trapped under the surface which may cause breakouts. With stronger sun in the warmer months and higher UV, your skin may also be exposed sun damage which can cause hyperpigmentation. And those fancy serums that may work wonders during the cooler months? Well, you may want to lay off them a little as the sun begins to shine brighter, as your skin may become super sensitive. And what's the only way to deal with the above? You guessed it; acing your damn basics.  



Most of you think you have this step down-pat well, let me tell you, most of you are missing one crucial step in your skincare routine. If you don’t pre-cleanse in summer, get on to it sis. Pre-cleansing is super important as it helps keep your moneymaker (no, I’m not talking about the one Ludacris rapped about) free from all that yucky stuff that may build up throughout the day.  


As I touched on above, heat equals oil buildup. So, here’s the first step of your skincare routine some of you never knew existed. Melt away layers of oil, sunscreen, waterproof makeup, and environmental pollutants with the  Dermalogica Precleanse. To master pre-cleansing, all you need to do is massage this baby into your face with dry, then wet hands and give it a rinse.  



Now for the OG cleanser we all know and love; Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel. After you’ve pre-cleansed, finish off the "cleansing” step of your skincare routine by lathering a small amount of this gel to your face and neck. This baby will go in, rinse away toxins and leave your skin feeling super smooth and clean. With the help of balm mint and lavender extracts, this cleanser is so perfect to use after pre-cleansing as it works to soothe and nourish the skin.  



Here she is; someone roll out the red carpet for Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant. You know this stuff is something else when there’s a whole word made up for it. Microfoliating is essentially the gentler version of exfoliating. My favourite thing about it? Microfoliating is so gentle that you can actually do this daily, unlike exfoliating which is only recommended once or twice on a weekly basis, making it so perfect for summer. But wait, I have another favourite thing about it; microfoliating actually helps your skin better absorb serums and moisturisers *adds to cart*.    


Honestly, I don’t even know why I’m sitting here about to tell you about the benefits of the iconic Microfoliant because IYKYK and if you don’t, well, I’m about to tell you. Essentially, this rice-based powder activates with water, releasing salicylic acid and rice enzymes to polish skin to perfection. And if this isn't enough, Daily Microfoliant also contains a skin brightening complex to help balance uneven skin tone. All you need to do to reap the benefits of this all-time skincare baddie is dispense about half a teaspoon into super wet hands to create a creamy paste. Massage this all over your face and neck, rinse with water and voila. 



Alright, you’ve cleansed, microfoliated and now it’s time for serum application. Our pick for juicy, bright cheeks this summer is Dermaologica's Smart Response Serum. If there were a serum which somehow travelled from the future to the present, this would be it. The next-gen Smart Response Serum delivers a personalised approach every time, helping stop skin damage before it starts.  


So, you know how I mentioned earlier that your skin may become sensitive from using specific serums in summer, well, this is one not to worry about. Lather this stuff on in the PM aaaaand AM babe; it's just as safe to use during the day as it is at night. And what exactly are the benefits of the Smart Response Serum? It contains four smart actives which firm, brighten, hydrate and soothe the skin. As well as this, the serum also addresses the appearance of fine lines and other anti-ageing factors; honestly, what can’t it do?    



Keep your skin extra hydrated and protect it against UV rays with Dermalogica’s Prisma Protect. Perfect for the warmer months, this moisturiser is formulated with SPF15, helping to prevent future signs of skin damage. Prisma Protect also promises hydration all day long with the use of moisture magnets. I’m not done; Prisma Protect contains intelligent drone technology to help boost the skin’s luminosity, gracing your cheeks with dew-liciousness.  



The last yet most important step in your AM routine; bring in Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50. Just like that crazy ex that might slash your tires if you ignore their calls, you will be left with damage if this step is neglected, so be warned. If you long for the most even skin tone you can achieve and wish to minimise the tell-tale signs of ageing (who wouldn’t?), well, then get to applying Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50 sis. One of the best things about this UV fighting baddie?You can actually use Dynamic Skin Recovery as a moisturiser so there really shouldn’t be any excuse for skipping out on SPF this summer or during any season, really.  



There you have it; the Dermalogica OGs you all know and love that’ll help you ace the basic steps of your skincare routine. Shop Dermalogica and more skincare favourites at Oz Hair & Beauty