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5 Things you need to know about vibrators

There's no one-size, shape or speed that fits all when it comes to self-pleasure and sexual wellness – it's definitely a case of different strokes for different folks. What might do the trick for some might be completely ineffectual for others. This same line of thinking can be applied to vibrators.



These trusty, dependable tools can have a huge impact on not only your pleasure levels, but also your overall mental health and ability to destress. But not all toys for women are created equal. While the end goal might be the same no matter which make and model you choose, there are plenty of differentiating features that can make some of these handy tools a better fit for you and your sexual wellness routine.


Whether you're just getting ready to start on your journey of self-pleasure or already think you know what kinds of sexual toys you like, here are five things you need to know about vibrators so you can maximise your enjoyment every time you feel like flipping the switch.


1) Looks matter

When you look at your vibrator, the last thing you want to see is something that turns you off. After all, the whole point is to be turned on. Colour, size (more on that in a moment) and shape all need to be taken into account. In the world of sexual toys, it really can be a case of what's on the outside that counts. While you don't have to get all hot and bothered by a piece of the rainbow, just make sure you get a piece that won't have your cringing when you look at it.



2) Fit for cause

You know that saying size doesn't matter? Well, that's just not true when you're talking about vibrators. Bigger doesn't always mean better in many aspects of sexual life and wellness, and it certainly doesn't when you're buying adult products. Don't feel pressured to buy a big one just because you think it'll feel good. The best small vibrators are optimal for some – too much girth and it's just not worth it.


3) You need to keep it clean

This might not be as sexy as some of the other topics associated with vibrators, but it's an important part of optimal sexual health. Try to wash it with soapy water and/or use an anti-bacterial spray like Sensuva Think Clean Thoughts toy cleaner to make sure your tool is ready to rock the next time you are. 


4) Be a material girl

Remember that you're going to be putting your vibrator in or around precious parts of your body. With that in mind, you want to try to look for something that is made of a material that is "body-safe." The most common of these materials is silicone, which is non-porous and gentle enough for your body. It's also easy to clean. It's a safe choice in many ways.


5) Shape up

The shape of your vibrator depends on which area (or areas) of your body you want to target. Do you derive the most pleasure from the clitoris? Or do you derive the most joy from the G spot? If you have a specific spot you prefer, seek out a vibrator that will help you do so. Unsure which you like better, or simply want to keep your options open? Choose a tool that targets the G-spot. These can also be used on the clitoris, whereas vibrators for the clitoris aren't suited for use on the G-spot.



Armed with this info, you can take your self-pleasure to new heights with a vibrator you deserve. Check out Oz Hair & Beauty today for sexual wellness tools and aids that can keep you happy and healthy.

posted by

Emily Fausset on November 24, 2020



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