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Hair Accessories

Elevate your style with our diverse range of hair accessories. At Oz Hair and Beauty, we bring to Australia a curated selection of hair accessories perfect for every occasion. From girls hair accessories to sophisticated hair accessory options for men, our collection has something for everyone. Discover hair accessories for women that complement every hair type. For those with shorter styles, our hair accessories for short hair are a game-changer. Our hair styling accessories are not just functional but also fashionable. Embrace your curls with our specially designed curly hair accessories, or opt for elegant black hair accessories to match any outfit. Expand your hair accessory collection with premium offerings from renowned brands like Kitsch, Evo, Invisibobble, and Dress Me Up.


Bobby Pins
Secure your hairstyle with our top-quality bobby pins. Whether you're creating bobby pin hairstyles or just need to keep your hair in place, our bobby pin selection is unparalleled. Our bobby pins for hair are designed to blend seamlessly, with options like bobby pins blonde for lighter hair shades. Explore hairstyles bobby pins can create, and choose from our range that has some of the best bobby pins in Australia. For those with specific needs, we offer best bobby pins for fine hair and best bobby pins for thick hair. Our black bobby pins are a classic choice for a sleek look.


Hair Clips
Discover the variety of hair clips at Oz Hair and Beauty. From stylish hair claw clips to elegant metal hair clips, we have a variety to suit every taste. Our claw clips for thick hair and gold hair clips add a touch of glamour. Catering to different hair types, we have hair clips for thick hair, hair extension clips, and more. Adorn your hair with a bow hair clip or choose a hair claw clip for a quick updo. Explore our exclusive hair clips Australia collection, including hair roller clips, claw hair clips, mini hair clips, silver hair clips, hair sectioning clips, hair volumizing clips, creaseless hair clips, crocodile hair clips, small hair clips & many more. Whether you're looking for black hair clips or something more vibrant, we have it all.


Hair Ties
Keep your hair perfectly in place with our range of hair ties. Our hair tie selection is designed to suit various hair types and styles to have your hair tied up however you like. From elastic hair ties for a firm hold to small hair ties for delicate styling, we've got you covered. Our thick hair ties are perfect for managing voluminous hair, while black hair ties offer a classic look. For a virtually invisible hold, choose our clear hair ties. If you have thicker locks, our hair ties for thick hair are ideal. Discover the best hair ties in Australia, including pink hair ties for a pop of color.


Step up your hair game with our stylish headbands. Our collection features headbands for women in various designs and colors, including the classic black headband. Enhance your skincare routine with our skincare headband, or enjoy a comfortable night's sleep with our sleep headband. Our spa headband and beauty headband are perfect for pampering sessions. Explore our headbands Australia range for the latest trends and styles.


Embrace the timeless trend of scrunchies with our wide selection. From luxurious silk scrunchie options to slip scrunchies, our range is designed to be gentle on your hair. Our hair scrunchies are perfect for everyday wear, while silk scrunchies and satin scrunchie options add a touch of elegance. Discover the beauty of silk scrunchies Australia. Choose a hair scrunchie for a classic look, or a pink scrunchie for something more playful. Our scrunchies Australia collection includes everything from bed scrunchie to black scrunchie, white scrunchie, and slip silk scrunchie. For those seeking more variety, we offer velvet scrunchies, mini scrunchies, oversized scrunchies, satin scrunchies, large scrunchies, silk hair scrunchies, black scrunchies, and more. Our scrunchies for hair are available now.


Towels & Wraps
Dry and style your hair with ease using our hair towel wraps. Our hair wrap towels are designed for convenience and comfort. Keep your hair secure and out of the way with our head towel wrap, and explore our variety of towel wraps suitable for different hair types and lengths.


If you have questions about the hair accessories available at Oz Hair & Beauty or want styling advice, reach out to our friendly customer service team using our live chat service.

    Frequently asked questions(11)

    How to Use Hair Clips?

    Hair clips are versatile and easy to use. For styling, gather a section of hair and open the clip. Slide it into place, securing the hair. Hair clips can be used to pull back bangs, secure half-up hairstyles, or add a decorative touch to updos.

    How to Put Your Hair in a Claw Clip?

    Gather your hair at the desired height (low, mid, or high). Twist the hair and fold it back on itself into a bun or loop. Open the claw clip, encase the twisted hair, and release the clip to secure. Adjust as needed for comfort and hold.

    Are Claw Clips Bad for Your Hair?

    Claw clips, when used properly, are generally not bad for your hair. They provide a secure hold without too much tension. However, avoid pulling the hair too tightly or using clips that snag or pull on the hair to prevent damage.