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Clippers & Trimmers

Finding the perfect set of hair clippers makes a big difference when you’re putting together your ultimate beauty kit and on the road to mastering your own grooming and maintenance. With a great range of salon quality hair clippers online at Oz Hair & Beauty, it doesn’t have to cost you too much time or money. 


Our range of professional and affordable hair clippers will get you closer to that fresh from the barber’s chair look in no time. Get the tools the professionals use to master your own haircuts in the comfort of your own home. With our range of haircare tools and accessories there is nothing standing between you and that freshly cut look.


Welcome to our Clippers & Trimmers category at Oz Hair and Beauty, where precision meets style. Whether you're a professional barber or someone looking to maintain a sharp look at home, our extensive range caters to all your grooming needs.


Top-Quality Clippers & Trimmers for Every Style
Discover the best in hair clippers with industry-leading brands like Wahl clippers, Babyliss clippers, and Andis clippers. Our collection includes the versatile Wahl cordless clippers and Remington hair clippers, perfect for achieving a clean, precise cut every time. Discover the best in hair trimmers with industry-leading products such as the Babyliss Trimmer.


Beard and Body Trimming Essentials
Keep your facial hair flawless with our selection of beard trimmers, including the Wahl beard trimmer and Philips beard trimmer. For more specific needs, check out our nose hair trimmer, eyebrow trimmer, and nose and ear trimmer options, like the Wahl deluxe ear & nose trimmer. For a more tailored beard grooming experience, visit our men's site, Above The Collar, where we have an extensive selection of beard trimmers and nose & ear trimmers


Body Grooming Made Easy
Explore our range of body trimmers, including the ball trimmer, such as the Meridian body trimmer, Philips body trimmer and Remington body trimmer. The best body trimmer options offer a smooth, comfortable grooming experience. If you're in the market for a body trimmer for men, visit our men's site, Above The Collar, where we have lots of quality manscaping options for our male customers. 


Efficient and Comfortable Shaving
Our electric shavers section features rotary shaver options like the Philips shaver series 5000, as well as a plethora of foil shaver options, ideal for those who prefer an electric shave. The head shaver and face shaver options, like the Remington shaver and Wahl shaver, provide a close, smooth shave with minimal irritation.


Complete Barber Sets
For barbers, our best barber clippers and trimmers collection, including barber clippers and trimmer set, offers professional-grade tools for precise cuts and styles. The Babyliss Pro clippers and trimmers are a popular choice among professionals for their reliability and performance.


All-in-One Grooming Solutions
The manscaping kit is ideal for those looking to keep their body hair in check. Our kits come with various attachments, including a trimmer blade, offering an all-encompassing grooming experience. Cover all bases with our hair and body trimmer options, or some of the best beard and body trimmers


Top Brands in Grooming
We feature renowned brands like Wahl, Babyliss Pro, Remington, Philips, and Meridian, each offering unique features to cater to different grooming preferences. 


At Oz Hair and Beauty, we're committed to providing the best clippers and trimmers to ensure you can achieve professional-quality grooming at home. Explore our selection and find the perfect tools to elevate your grooming routine.


If you have questions about the Clippers & Trimmers available at Oz Hair & Beauty or want styling advice, reach out to our friendly customer service team using our live chat service.

    Frequently asked questions(15)

    How to Clipper Cut Hair?

    To clipper cut hair, start with clean, dry hair. Attach the desired guard to your clippers for the preferred length. Begin at the back of the head, moving the clippers up against the grain of the hair. Gradually work your way around the head, blending different lengths for a smooth transition.

    How to Sharpen Clipper Blades?

    Remove the blades from the clippers and clean them thoroughly. Use a sharpening stone or honing tool specifically designed for clipper blades. Run the blade along the stone in one direction, maintaining the angle of the cutting edge.

    Can I Bring Electric Clippers on a Plane?

    Yes, you can bring electric clippers on a plane in both carry-on and checked luggage. It’s advisable to check with the airline for any specific restrictions.