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Hair Creams

Whatever your hair type or concern, you will be able to find a hair treatment to suit your needs at Oz Hair & Beauty. Hair treatments differ in their consistency and application and can be either a thick, cream consistency that is applied and washed out like a mask or a thinner consistency that is applied as a spray

Cream treatments are generally richer than spray treatments and are often washed out for this reason. Some cream treatments are designed to be leave-in, in which case it is generally recommended that you apply to damp, freshly shampooed hair and comb through gently with your fingers or a brush designed for wet hair, such as The Wet Brush, before rinsing out.  

Incorporating a cream treatment into your haircare routine can have a multitude of benefits, and there are a variety of cream treatments on the market to suit all hair types and concerns. You will find a plethora of cream treatments available at Oz Hair & Beauty from renowned brands like Olaplex, Nak, Alterna Caviar and Shea Moisture

If your hair is suffering from damage, pick up a protein-rich strengthening or repairing treatment. Protein treatments add strength and resilience to damaged or weak hair and are especially beneficial for hair that has been bleached or heat-styled regularly. If dry or frizzy hair is your main concern, opt for a hydrating or moisturising treatment that has nourishing ingredients to hydrate your hair and lock moisture in. 

If you have curly hair, Oz Hair & Beauty have treatments just for you! Go for a curly hair treatment that will nourish your hair, smooth frizz and define your curls. Curly hair is generally more prone to dryness than straight hair, so it is important to keep it moisturised. 

Chat to our expert customer service team using our live chat today if you have any questions about which cream treatment is right for your hair type and concerns.