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Heart of Glass

Embrace the radiance of blonde hair with the Davines Heart Of Glass collection, exclusively curated for the unique needs of blonde hair, from natural to treated. This specialized range at Oz Hair and Beauty is designed to enhance, protect, and maintain the beauty of blonde hues, providing tailored care that highlights the brilliance and depth of every blonde shade. Discover these essential Davines products, each formulated with sustainably sourced ingredients and innovative technology to ensure your blonde hair stays vibrant, healthy, and full of life.


Davines Heart Of Glass Shampoo:

Start your blonde hair care routine with the Davines Heart Of Glass Shampoo. This gentle, fortifying shampoo delicately cleanses and purifies blonde hair, removing impurities and pollutants that can dull blonde tones. Infused with Baobab Extract, it strengthens the hair fiber and helps to maintain the brilliance and shine of blonde hues.


Davines Heart Of Glass Conditioner:

Follow with the Davines Heart Of Glass Conditioner for a nourishing and illuminating effect. This rich conditioner deeply moisturizes and detangles, leaving blonde hair soft, silky, and manageable. Formulated with Biacidic Bond Complex and Baobab Extract, it repairs and reinforces the hair's fiber, enhancing the luminosity and vibrancy of blonde shades.


Davines Heart Of Glass Sheer Glaze:

Enhance your blonde hair's shine and protect it from heat with the Davines Heart Of Glass Sheer Glaze. This lightweight serum infuses blonde hair with brightness and vitality, offering thermal protection to safeguard against damage from heat styling tools. Its formula illuminates blonde tones, providing hydration and leaving hair soft, shiny, and full of life.


Davines Heart Of Glass Intense Treatment:

For deeper care, turn to the Davines Heart Of Glass Intense Treatment. This powerful treatment revitalizes and strengthens blonde hair, targeting damage and brittleness with intensive nourishment. It helps to repair and restore the health of the hair fiber, ensuring that blonde hair remains strong, resilient, and beautifully vibrant.


At Oz Hair and Beauty, we are thrilled to offer the Davines Heart Of Glass collection, embracing the art and science of blonde hair care. This range is a testament to our dedication to providing premium, sustainable hair care solutions for every hair type and color. Explore the Davines Heart Of Glass collection today and unlock the secret to breathtakingly beautiful blonde hair.