Welcome to the world of RPR at Oz Hair and Beauty, where premium haircare meets innovative solutions designed for the modern individual. RPR, an Australian-owned brand celebrated for its salon-quality products, offers a range of formulations that cater to various hair types and concerns. Each product is crafted with high-performance ingredients that deliver visible results, ensuring your hair receives the best care possible.



At the heart of RPR's offerings are their expertly formulated shampoos and conditioners, each designed to address specific hair needs. Whether you're looking for volume, hydration, color protection, or soothing sensitive scalps, RPR has shampoo and conditioner duos that fit seamlessly into your daily routine. These products are not just about cleansing and conditioning; they're about enhancing the natural health and beauty of your hair with every wash.


Styling & Treatments

For deeper hair restoration and care, RPR presents a selection of treatments that revive and rejuvenate. The brand’s leave-in treatments offer convenience and targeted care for ongoing hair management, perfect for busy lifestyles. Additionally, RPR's hair masks go deep, providing intensive hydration and repair to stressed and damaged hair. These treatments are essential for maintaining soft, manageable, and healthy-looking hair. RPR understands that styling is an integral part of personal expression. That’s why their styling products, from flexible hold hairsprays to defining curl creams, are designed to not only perfect your look but also protect and nourish your hair. Whether you're setting your style for the day or defining your curls for that perfect bounce, RPR styling products ensure your hair looks great and feels healthy.


Indulge in the luxury of RPR and experience the difference with each product. Whether you're washing, treating, or styling, RPR has the solution to make your hair look its best. Shop now at Oz Hair and Beauty and treat your hair to the care it deserves.

RPR Haircare

RPR Haircare

RPR Styling & Treatments

RPR Styling & Treatments

    Frequently asked questions(2)

    Where to buy RPR hair products?

    You can purchase RPR products online at Oz Hair and Beauty.

    Is RPR cruelty free?

    Yes, RPR is cruelty free and does not test on animals.