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Just Smooth

Discover the ultimate solution for unruly and frizzy hair with Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth collection. Engineered for instant manageability and frizz control, this range delivers a brilliantly soft hair feel and an outstanding shine, transforming your hair into a smooth, manageable mane with products perfect for both salon and home use.


Goldwell Just Smooth Shampoo

The Just Smooth Taming Shampoo is your first step to smoother, more controllable hair. It not only offers frizz control but also minimizes color fading with each wash, thanks to its gentle yet effective formula.


Goldwell Just Smooth Conditioner

Follow up with the Just Smooth Taming Conditioner for an instant detangling and nourishing effect. It leaves hair smooth, touchably soft, and easier to manage, making it an essential part of your daily haircare routine.


Goldwell Just Smooth 6 Effects Serum

The 6 Effects Serum is a miracle worker that delivers six smoothing benefits: anti-frizz, humidity control, taming, manageability, smoothing, and natural shine. It's your go-to for an instant hair makeover.


Goldwell Just Smooth 60 Seconds Treatment

For those in need of a quick, intensive treatment, the Just Smooth 60 second Treatment regenerates hair up to 100% in just 60 seconds. It's perfect for instant manageability and frizz control.

Embrace the beauty of perfectly smooth hair with Goldwell Dualsenses Just Smooth collection. Each product is designed to tackle frizz, enhance manageability, and leave your hair looking its best with minimal effort. Upgrade your hair care routine and enjoy the luxurious feel and brilliant shine of your hair.