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The 5 Best Products For Blondes

Blonde hair is something that nearly everyone wants to try at least once. It is a great way to stand out from the crowd and show a little edge. Or perhaps you were blonde as a kid and dream of those sun-drenched locks. Natural blondes, however, are not so common - and many need to reach for the bleach in order to achieve that coveted beachy blonde look.  
However, bleaching is just the first step in making sure you can achieve the blonde that is best for you, while still keeping your hair safe.  
If you have been going blonde for a while then you know that your worst nightmare is brittle strands and brassy tones - it's almost enough to send you back to the dark side. So why does bleached hair need so much TLC and how can you take better care of it? We take a deeper look at how you can maintain the blonde of your dreams without sacrificing your hair health. 


Why does bleached hair need extra care?  

Dyeing your hair generally can impact the overall health of your strands - but bleaching is perhaps one of the harshest treatments your hair can undergo. When going through the bleaching process, the structure of your locks is impacted and changed, as they swell during bleaching and release your natural shade. While stripping away the natural tones and colours from your hair, it also makes hair more porous and fragile.  
This also means that your hair will feel drier than usual, and more prone to frizz. It can also cause curly hair to lose its bounce, at least initially, and you will need to change your routine to adapt to this.  
Simply put, bleaching your hair is an intense chemical process that will inevitably lead to some loss of vitality and strength - which is why only a professional should bleach your hair, as they will be able to preserve its health as much as possible.  


Why can blonde go brassy and dull between hairdresser visits? 

When you first step out of the salon with your freshly bleached hair, you will feel on top of the world. Sure, your hair might feel a little drier, but it is well worth it for those icy blonde tones. 
However, after a few washes you might notice some hints of brassiness peeking through. These might be yellow or orange tones that spoil the stunning finish of your blonde. But why does this happen?  
Brassy tones and dullness occur when the warm pigments in your hair are still present. Even though you have lifted your hair, these underlying tones will still be within your hair strands. This can become more obvious if the shade of blonde you have chosen is not close to your natural tone, or if you expose your hair to the sun or rinsing with hot water.  
Some brassiness is bound to occur, but you can take some steps to avoid it and even treat it at home between trips to the hairdresser.  

What else happens to bleached hair when it isn't treated?  

If you don’t take good care of your bleached hair, it will look faded and brassy - but this isn’t the whole story. Your hair can also break off, meaning you might need to opt for a shorter haircut than you might prefer. It may also become tangled much more easily, and be more difficult to manage. Hair is also more prone to environmental damage, such as UV rays, chlorine, and humidity. Without protection and care, this can lead to your hair feeling, well... a little dead!  

How to repair and strengthen hair 

While all this might sound scary to someone who is looking into bleaching their hair, fear not. With great products you can take good care of your hair and truly prove that blondes have more fun… it just takes a little more maintenance. 
If you are concerned about your hair being damaged, then the shampoo and conditioner you choose matters. Reach for the essential Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo and Conditioner duo for a simple routine that can help to repair your bleached or coloured hair. This will also fortify your hair, giving it more strength and leaving you with a softer mane than before. This really matters if you are dealing with a bleachy “bird’s nest” hairdo!  
For a more indulgent treatment, the Kérastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Conditioner & Hair Mask is specially made for those who have bleached their hair. It can improve the strength of the fibres and structure of your hair, bringing back a look of health and vitality, as well as improving the texture of your locks. 


How to tone hair  

Remember when we talked about brassiness? Well, you don’t have to wait until the next time you get your roots touched up to ease those yellow and orange tones. The right toner will help you to enjoy a cleaner looking blonde - and NAK HAIR Blonde Plus 10V Toning Foam is just the product for the job. This toner goes to work neutralising those brassy shades, while replenishing the softness and shine of your hair. After shampooing, you can simply apply it to your towel dried hair and leave it in for up to ten minutes, then rinse and apply a nourishing hair mask. Your hair will feel better and those warm tones should be a thing of the past! 
For even stronger toning power, Fudge Everyday Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Violet Toning Shampoo can be used every time you wash your hair. This is great for enhancing those brighter blonde strands, while cleansing your hair. So you can keep your blonde looking toned and feeling well conditioned every day. 
That’s a lot to take in, but becoming a brilliant blonde is something of a commitment - even once you have had the first round of bleach! With the right hair care routine, you can keep your blonde looking clean and bright between salon visits, as well as maintaining your hair health. Well cared for blonde hair makes a great statement, so get the right products to keep yours beautiful with Oz Hair & Beauty.