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@TheRoject on K18 Repair Mask: Worth it for damaged hair!

One of our all time fav beauty bloggers, Roj over at @TheRoject known for her no-BS approach to exploring beauty products, tests and reviews the popular K18 Repair Mask. Here is what she had to say...



I feel like my hair is joined at the hips with split ends, frizziness and dullness. Look, don't get me wrong, maybe it had something to do with me burning it, my lack of cutting it, and the mediocre nourishment I give it... (sorry hair, love you)


Anyways. If you're anything like me, gone are the days of only using shampoo and conditioner. Now you have a set of masks and treatments, all of which claim to be Christmas miracles but end up being a soggy loaf of bread. So really, you've just lost hope in the majority.


That was me too, till I tried this. The K18 leave-in molecular repair mask. Let me tell you, boy did it prove me wrong.


Basically, the K18 leave-in molecular repair mask is an innovative leave-in hair treatment that is primally designed to help reverse chemical and physical damage. It's not your average rinse out mask- this no-rinse at-home treatment made with a patented bioactive peptide. The idea behind the clever formula is that it will help to strengthen and improve hair elasticity. It's ideal for people with hair that is dry, damaged from chemicals, frizzy, dull, and full of split-ends- aka me.


Before you panic- no, it's not sticky, it's not oily, it's not tacky, it's not heavy. You will not feel a thing!


Ok, so what are the benefits you ask?


Well, as I mentioned earlier K18 is formulated with a patented bioactive peptide, that works to reverse damage caused by colouring, heat and styling. This is genius because peptides are smaller proteins, so when applied to the hair, they cause changes in cell behaviour and can boost hair growth and improve colour.


The patented formula helps to repair keratin within the hair shaft. Keratin is a structural protein, so when we improve keratin, our hair can appear stronger, glossier and fuller. From doing this, the hair will gradually continue to restructure and maintain its strength.


OH and no, you don't need to wait years for it to work, the treatment works in 4 minutes, so after a few uses, you immediately notice the difference in your hair texture.



How do you use it?


Okay, so the amount you use depends on the length, thickness and damage of your hair. The finer your hair, the less you'll need.


What you'll need to do is start by washing your hair as usual but without a conditioner. I use Kérastase Resistance Extentioniste Length Strengthening Shampoo 250ml. And let it lightly towel dry or air dry for a few minutes until most of the dampness is gone.


Then you grab one pump of your K18 treatment and run it through your hair evenly from root to tip. Depending on the hair's length, thickness, and condition, you may need more than one pump. I use about two and my hair is short/medium thickness. Then allow the formula to sit for four minutes before styling.


Any more tips to get the best results?


Okay, so three things before I leave you-

1. If you're just starting on the K18 treatment, it is recommended that use it four washes in a row. From then on, you can pull back and use it anywhere between every four to six washes.

2. If like me you're an avid dry shampoo user, then get yourself a clarifying shampoo as well to use on the wash that you do before your treatment. It ensures your hair and scalp are well cleansed and so the treatment can reach your hair strand far more efficiently.

3. Avoid conditioning before using the treatment. Obviously, use your conditioner for every other wash that you do. I use Kérastase Resistance Therapiste Pre-Shampoo Conditioner 200ml.


That's all! Enjoy combatting brittleness, dullness and all the split ends.

posted by

Lara Severino on April 23, 2021


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