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Frustrated by wrinkles but not ready for the needle? The promising new product that is lighting up your socials.

For most of us, the last 24 months have been spent at home and behind our screens, so it’s no surprise we’ve had to redefine our skincare routines. I can only assume that the separation anxiety was at a high not being able to see beauty therapists, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons.  

Maybe you’re a botox devotee or perhaps you’re like me, and the thought of needles make you squeamish, but you’re frustrated by the fine lines and wrinkles that have developed over time. If you’re looking for instant gratification with long term benefits, Murad’s Targeted Wrinkle Corrector could be the perfect addition to your beauty cabinet.  


How does it work?  

The silky gel crème serum works like an instant filler, to reduce the appearance of fine lines and depuffs under eyes, whilst improving the skins hydration levels to resist future wrinkles. The corrector contains 3 key ingredients, hexapeptide, bioavailable hyaluronic acid and plant derived squalene - this formula boosts elasticity and hydrations and leaves your skin with a miraculous smooth finish.  


You may be thinking, I know what hyaluronic acid is. What’s a hexapeptide?  


A hexapeptide is a type of neuropeptide often referred to as Botox in a bottle - It helps the skin overcome fine lines or wrinkles caused by facial expressions. To get a little scientific, neuro meaning nervous system and amino acids are the building blocks of proteins like the collagen and elastin that provides the firmness to skin - Effectively they promote healthier, stronger and more youthful-looking skin. 


The clinical studies for this product, 96% saw smoother texture immediately after applying it, 90% showed improvements in forehead wrinkles and 100% showed improvements in eleven lines. With results like these, it’s no wonder it has been selling out worldwide!  


We asked Katy Bacon, the Global Educator for Murad, to tell us how to get the most from the Targeted Wrinkle Corrector.  


“For the best results the proper application of Targeted Wrinkle Corrector is essential to seeing those wrinkles become practically undetectable.  Use the product morning or night, applying to clean, dry skin. Gently squeeze product out and tap into the wrinkle with the metal side. If needed, use your ring finger to gently tap into the wrinkle. The trick is not to rub this product like you would a serum, then let it dry before following with your favourite Murad moisturiser and SPF.”  


Another thing we love about Targeted Wrinkle Corrector. It’s not just a product to target existing wrinkles, it’s also a preventative! The best thing about this product is that you can get immediate results on demand —making Targeted Wrinkle Corrector a must-add for every skincare routine.  


If you’re looking for something in between au natural and needles, shop the Target Wrinkle Corrector and the whole Murad range at  

posted by

Jasmine Charteris on March 02, 2022


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