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Eye of Horus Mascara - Goddess Mascara

Why this Eye of Horus Mascara is your next must-have makeup item

If you’ve read some of our other blogs, you know that we rate Eye of Horus Mascara pretty highly. Today we’re here to talk about the Goddess Mascara in detail and why we think it’s really the only makeup product you need.

Most people have their favourite makeup products, right? Maybe you’re a foundation gal or maybe you can’t live without a bold lipstick. For us, we love a strong brow and mascara combination. As you know, brows frame the eyes and a slick of the right mascara will finish off any look and keep those peepers looking bright and fresh.

In our eyes - or should we say eyelashes? - the Goddess Mascara is not only the must-have mascara but also definitely the next makeup product you need in your makeup routine. Keep reading to learn more about why this Eye of Horus Mascara is so great.

Why you need this Eye of Horus Mascara in your life

So we’re not just saying that it’s good without any proof, the Goddess Mascara has consistently been recognised by beauty professionals for its ability to make your eyes pop and its ease of use. Like the rest of the Byron Bay-based brand, this mascara is inspired by the Ancient Egyptian ethos and their love of eye makeup as well as their use of natural ingredients.

A common misconception about natural beauty products is that they don’t work as well as their traditional counterparts. This is far from the truth when it comes to Eye of Horus, and especially the Goddess mascara. They did win Best Natural Makeup Brand and Best Natural mascara for Sensitive Eyes in The Beauty Shortlist after all. It creates the deepest jet black colour, is smudge and clump-proof, and most importantly it lengthens the lashes creating the perfect balance between natural and dramatic.

The ingredient line up includes Moringa Oil (which contains Vitamins A, B, C & E plus antioxidants), beeswax, rice bran wax plus candelilla and carnauba wax. Because the formulation is mostly natural ingredients, it’s actually perfect for everyone - especially for people with sensitive eyes who often find it hard to buy a good mascara. 

And even though it’s not vegan because of the inclusion of beeswax, it has been ethically and sustainably farmed so you don’t have to worry about our precious bees. The Goddess Mascara - and the rest of the range - is actually completely cruelty free and falls into our Ethical Beauty category! Although, if you do want an Eye of Goddess Mascara that is vegan - we’ll talk more about that below too. 



How to use - and remove - this Eye of Horus Mascara

So if you’re reading about why you need this mascara in your life, you probably already know how to apply. The Goddess Mascara has a flexible silicon hourglass brush that perfectly separates and coats your lashes evenly. So simply slick a coat or two over your lashes after your finish your eye makeup.

As for removing it, the mascara will easily wash away with warm water. But don’t worry, it’s very waterproof and smudge proof otherwise. We recommend a double clean in our steps to wash your face guide so opt for an oil or balm cleanser to really remove that eye makeup first or pre-clean with the Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water.

Also, make sure that the cap of your Eye of Horus mascara is screwed tight after each application. Because the product is made from natural wax and oil, exposure to air can dry it out very quickly.



Are there any other Eye of Horus Makeup products worth trying?

That’s a yas from us. They are best known for their eye makeup products and we absolutely love the Goddess Pencil, which was basically created to go hand-in-hand with the Goddess Mascara to create the perfect smokey eye. 

As we mentioned earlier - and although we highly recommend the Goddess Mascara - there is another Eye of Horus Mascara that caters to those of you looking for a full vegan alternative: the Bio Lash Lift Mascara. This formulation removes the beeswax from the line up and instead replaces it with plant based ingredients like marine algae and a plant-derived collagen that is naturally bio available and harvested from Larch Trees.

And while you guys have been loving the Winter Solstice Palette, we’re going to recommend the Summer Solstice Palette now that it’s warmer so you can use those beautiful copper and bronze tones. Then finish it off with a slick of Eye of Horus Mascara, of course. 



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Tammy Tu on September 30, 2019