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Oz Hair & Beauty launches Oz Face: Four masks inspired by Aussie tradition

Oz Hair & Beauty is releasing its much-anticipated line of face masks inspired by classic Aussie food and drink staples, empowering consumers to find their inner and outer beauty – all in good taste, of course.


We're rolling out four delicious masks today: 

Exfoliating Lamington

Brightening Fairy Bread

Foaming Pale Ale

Purifying Facemite


The line is the result of 18 months of research and development at the OZH&B Skincare Institute.


"Everybody knows how collagen-rich food can help skin, and how high-protein foods are great for hair," Oz Hair & Beauty head of skincare engineering Michaela Rossov says. "But many don't realise the amazing power many of our classic Aussie favourites have to transform the look and feel of skin."


The Exfoliating Lamington Mask is tough on dirt and debris and big on fluffy chocolate taste (that’s right, it’s edible!). Miniature coconut flakes exfoliate dry, oily or combination skin gently, providing thorough cleansing power without stripping the outer layer of its natural strength and beauty. 


"It's all of the flakes we want, and none that we don't," Rossov says. "This is like being a kid and coming inside from a long day of playing to see mum taking delicious, freshly baked treats out of the oven. But instead we've cooked up a delicious new face mask to add to your skincare routine."




Like the classic kid's birthday party delicacy of the same name, the Brightening Fairy Bread Mask will light up faces everywhere. Sprinkles combine with the skin's natural enzymes to add moisturise and bring out your inner glow.




"Physios should get ready to log some overtime, as there'll be a lot of high-speed head turning going on around town with this release," Rossov says.


Everybody likes to let off steam with a frothy brew, but little is known about the other benefits of Australia’s favourite beverage. The OZ&HB Foaming Pale Ale Mask brings the cleansing power of beer to skincare. Perfect for those with oily skin, this mask was brewed to be light on the skin and the palette. Ideal for those who love to get loose, it unclogs pores to make sure there's no lingering dirt, debris or makeup. 


"A foaming mask that tastes like an afternoon at the pub under the sun, but also wipes away the day? Cheers to that," Rossov says. 



For those feeling a bit salty about unwanted breakouts or blackheads, the Purifying Facemite Mask boasts classic flavours from yeasteryear (errrr...yesteryear) with purifying powers to give your pores the deep clean of a lifetime and improve skin texture. 



"Only when you look at classic products with a new lense can you discover incredible new purposes for them, and that's what happened in the development stages of this mask. It's hard to believe this iconic Aussie pantry staple hasn’t been used in skincare before now, given it’s unmatched purifying powers" Rossov says.



Michaela Rossov spent 6 years at the Newcastle Group for Hair and Skin before relocating to Sydney in 2014 to run the OZH&B Skincare Institute. She won numerous awards in 2016 for spearheading the creation of the Blowdryer Bakery Set.

posted by

Vanessa Isaac on March 31, 2021