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Tooletries Shower Tools Bundle


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The Tooletries Shower Tools Bundle includes a body scrubber and hook, a face scrubber, an Ace face scrubber holder, a back scrubber and hook, and a scalp massager and hook, all made of 100% antibacterial silicone and designed to keep you clean and invigorated while efficiently using precious bathroom space.

What are the benefits and features of Tooletries Shower Tools Bundle?
  • Antibacterial and reusable, making them eco-friendly.
  • Deep-cleanse exfoliating body scrubber and gentle face scrubber for optimal exfoliation.
  • Ergonomic grip for easy handling.
  • Bespoke storage hooks keep tools high, dry, and hygienic.
  • Scalp massager boosts circulation, strengthens hair, and promotes scalp health.

Who is Tooletries Shower Tools Bundle for?

This bundle is perfect for those who want to efficiently use their bathroom space while keeping their body and scalp clean and invigorated with eco-friendly, reusable, and hygienic shower tools.