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A super zen combo of resin, wood and citrus to help you release stress and feel more relaxed. Frankincense, Cedarwood and Myrrh help bring strength and focus, whilst Patchouli and Orange are great for creating a sense of peace and harmony, bringing you back to the moment.

Has a warm earthy aroma with a sweet and woody undertone.

Blended with:
Frankincense - comforting & relaxing
Cedarwood - grounding & strengthening
Pine - focusing & clearing Myrrh inspiring & fortifying
Orange - uplifting & refreshing
Patchouli - relaxing & soothing

Our Raww-some Aromatherapy Promise
All of these Essential Oils are 100% pure from a single botanical source and are not adulterated, blended or mixed with anything else. You can be sure with every scent you are getting the very best in pure botanical goodness!


Raww Zen Time Aroma Roller Ball 10ml


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