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Fight the blue light! Lightweight and easily absorbed into the skin, this daytime facial oil contains Tomato Extract which helps protect your skin from damage caused by blue light exposure emitted from the sun, smartphones and screens.

As part of the MakiGreen Complex, the Lycopene (red phytochemical colour) in Tomato is combined with Rice Bran to absorb blue light before it has a chance to penetrate the skin and cause damage.

Wear alone or underneath makeup to give your skin a daily dose of protection!

Superfood Heroes

• Lycopene (Tomato Extract) – natural blue light blocker
• Pomegranate Seed Oil – nourishes and brightens skin
• Rosemary Leaf Extract – gentle astringent and provides blemish relief
• Passionfruit Seed Oil – anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory


• Lightweight, non-greasy formula
• Protects the skin from damage and premature ageing caused by pollution and blue light exposure
• Can be worn underneath foundation for daily hydration and protection
• 97% Natural
• 91% Superfoods


Raww Day Warrior Light Facial Oil 30ml


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