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Pump Haircare's innovative BioGro™ Hair Growth Serum directly tackles hair loss and thinning, by using active botanical extracts that have been scientifically proven to reduce hair loss and shedding, while promoting hair growth.

The unique BioGro formula is scientifically and clinically proven to target the root cause of hair loss, with trials resulting in an 82% reduction in hair fall.

BioGro contains natural active ingredients and novel botanical technology that helps reduce hair loss and hair fall, reverses the appearance of thinning hair, and improves hair length, leading to thicker, healthier, longer hair.


  1. Add this as a step in your morning and night routine so you remember to apply it twice a day!
  2. Do not spray more than 5cm away from your scalp as you do not need to spray this on your hair.
  3. Best used with the Pump Derma Hair Growth Roller.

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Pump Haircare BioGro Hair Serum 50ml Trio Bundle

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