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ModelRock #294 Lashes Kit Ready


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ModelRock #294 Lashes Kit Ready is a set of feathery lightweight lashes made from 100% human hair that come with a lash size chart for easy selection and application.

These lashes are perfect for those who want a natural and effortless look for their eyes. The lash size chart provides an indication of approximate length, and the hand-made nature of the product ensures a unique and beautiful look for each pair of lashes. Please note that adhesive is not included with the kit and can be purchased separately.

What are the benefits and features of ModelRock #294 Lashes Kit Ready?
  • Feathery lightweight style for a natural and effortless look.
  • 100% human hair for a beautiful and unique look.
  • Lash size chart for easy selection and application.
  • Hand-made for a one-of-a-kind product.
  • Adhesive not included for personalized preference.

Who is ModelRock #294 Lashes Kit Ready for?

This product is for anyone who wants to enhance their natural beauty with a pair of lightweight and beautiful lashes that are easy to apply and come with a lash size chart for personalized selection.