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milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo 300ml


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milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo 300ml is a revitalizing shampoo that gently cleanses and brightens highlights while improving shine and lustre in blond hair.

This shampoo's formula combines organic camomile extract, known for its brightening properties, and organic honey, known for its nutritional benefits, for incredibly soft, silky hair with shimmering highlights. It is SLS/SLES and paraben-free, making it a gentle and safe option for daily use.

What are the benefits and features of milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo 300ml?
  • Gently cleanses and brightens highlights in blond hair.
  • Improves shine and lustre for a healthy-looking finish.
  • Combines organic camomile extract and organic honey for soft, silky hair.
  • SLS/SLES and paraben-free for a gentle and safe option.

Who is milk_shake Sweet Camomile Shampoo 300ml for?

This shampoo is perfect for those with blond hair who want to gently cleanse and brighten their hair while improving its overall health and shine.