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Create the flawless blowout with Mermade Hair Dryer. This professional quality hair dryer gives you unique options to suit your own vibe & style.

Mermade Hair Dryer uses ionic airflow technology to increase moisture retention protecting your hair from long term damage. Mermade Hair Dryer is available in Mermade's signature pink with a sleek bespoke design.


  • Two speed settings: amplified or concentrated airflow. Enables fast drying or defusing and regular drying.
  • Two concentrator attachments to shape and define the hair.
  • Three heat settings: 96 °C, 106 °C and 116 °C to suit your hair type.
  • Ionic airflow technology increases moisture retention which protects your hair from long term damage.
  • 1800W

Mermade Hair

Mermade Hair Dryer

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