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This Less is More Aloe Mint Volume Conditioner is an energising, bio-active complex created to clarify the scalp as it strengthens and adds body to hair that is fine to normal, or oily.

Formulated with mineral-rich, anti-inflammatory Kaolin to help soothe and balance the scalp while giving fine hair a volume boost, it also contains organic Aloe Vera Juice to cool the scalp and hydrate the hair, and Horsetail Extract to strengthen the roots of the hair, balance sebum production and tone the scalp.

Precious forest honey from Upper Austrian Mühlviertel has nourishing, moisturising properties, and organic essential oils of Peppermint, Rosemary, Lavender and Ylang Ylang invigorate and refresh the senses as they offer purifying benefits.

This conditioner also doubles as a hair mask – simply leave it on the hair for longer, then rinse.

Less Is More

Less Is More Mallowsmooth Conditioner 200ml


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