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KMS AddPower Thickening Spray is a styling spray that makes fine hair look and feel significantly fuller. It offers a more gentle styling with 90% less damage, with heat protection up to 200 ° C. KMS Californaia has reinvented itself! From now on, the production line is called KMS AddPower and comes with new improved form and an urban product design. AddPower Thickening Spray is a really delicious spray wax that strengthens your thin and / or finer hair. So even if you are thin on top, you will get the feel of strong hair.

The formula is enriched with rice protein, which has a strengthening and thickening effect on the hair. Organic white tea extract also has an antioxidant effect and provides indescribable ease, especially fine hair. Both ingredients support KMS's TRIfinity technology that strengthens hair from the inside out and protects it from the outside.


- Hair styling spray
- Makes fine, thin hair feel stronger and tighter
- Makes fine hair look and feel significantly fuller
- Maintains the natural protein balance of the hair
- Holding factor 2.5 / 5
- Shine factor 3/5
- Gentle to the hair
- Organic white tea extract
- Contains rice protein
- Antioxidant and lightweight properties
- Heat protection up to 200 ° C
- Flexible styling


KMS Add Power Thickening Spray 75ml


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