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Klorane Detox Dry Shampoo with Aquatic mint instantly clarifies the hair and scalp without water in 2 minutes, while delivering an immediate cooling sensation and invisible finish for all hair types. Featuring 100% natural, organic Aquatic mint extract and natural absorbent micro-powders, this ultra-refreshing formula is vegan-friendly^, and clinically proven to remove impurities from the hair*.

This clarifying dry shampoo detoxifies and protects the hair and scalp from pollutants, while leaving a minty-fresh scent on hair that is volumised, softer and shinier. Suitable for frequent use to extend the time between washes.

  • Clean formula: free from silicones, parabens, MIT and triclosan.
  • Instantly refreshes scalp: 90%**
  • Removes impurities: 87%***

^Free from animal-origin ingredients.

*In-vitro study - Evaluation of the cleansing effect on modelized pollution particles after one application.

**User test on 82 subjects - % of satisfaction immediately after application

*** % of satisfaction – User test on 82 subjects, dry shampoo used for 3 weeks


Klorane Aquatic Mint Dry Shampoo 150ml


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