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Elixir Ultime Huile Originale is a hair oil for all types of dull hair looking for shine.

It nourishes and protects the hair and leaves it shiny.

The KÉRASTASE ELIXIR ULTIME is a versatile oil with endless benefits to your hair. Provides protections, treatment and strengtheness.

It has a thermo protection until 200 degrees when using hot styling tools, anti-frizz control giving a great shine to your hair, help to reduce the appereance of split ends

Kérastase has partnered with Minus18 – the Australian charity improving lives of LGBTQIA+
youth! Minus18 is leading change, building social inclusion, and advocation for an Australia where
all young people are safe, empowered, and surrounded by people that support them.

Supporting Minus18 on their mission and to celebrate Pride together, Kérastase will be donating
to Minus18, subsidising LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Workshops for schools across Australia.
Over the next 12 months, together we will facilitate Minus18’s LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Education
Training to every Kérastase salon, field team member and head office staff across the country!

A limited-edition design for the iconic product for every hair type, celebrating all styles, all colors,
all ages, all sexualities, all genders, all people.
In partnership with Minus18, we have a gorgeous suite of assets perfect for spreading further
awareness about their missions and improving lives for LGBTQIA+ youth.

About Minus18
Creating an Australia free from discrimination is a job for everyone. Minus18 transform
communities through LGBTQIA+ training, resources, and digital campaigns that enable others to
champion inclusivity – no matter their location. The Minus18 mission is to create an Australia free
from discrimination for all LGBTQIA+ youth.
Minus18 are champions for LGBTQIA+ youth focusing their incredible work on life-affirming
social inclusion, education & advocacy and Australian youth empowerment! Learn more about
you can further support the magnificent organisation here.

The Global Kérastase Impact
Each participating country has partnered with a different local organization associating to the
LGBTQIA+ community to donate and support projects related to housing, mental health,
education, and other services. With more than 15 countries participating, the estimated impact will
be over €200,000 globally.

The Design
The iconic glass bottle features a special version of the “K” logo surrounded by “echo” outlines
to represent the reverberating positive impact global brands can have towards pride and supporting
the LGBTQIA+ communities all year round. The design is set on a rainbow background inspired
by the Pride flag. The outer box features the six Pride rainbow colors in a luminous holographic
effect, to show that we all deserve to shine. Created by artist Gilbert Baker at the urging of Harvey
Milk in 1978 for the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Parade, the rainbow flag represents the
immense diversity of the LGBTQIA+ community.


Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil Pride Edition 100ml


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