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Founded in Melbourne 2000, Instant Rockstar is a lifestyle, and our philosophy extends way beyond the basic boundaries of product use. They’re renowned as one of Australia’s leading styling and grooming product brands.

Solid Rock provides a very strong hold perfectly suited for short-medium hairstyles. Non-water-soluble for long- lasting hold. This is a clay that won’t sweat out. Complimented with a subtly scented bespoke vanilla and coconut blend to keep you smelling fresh.

Stronghold, matte finish clay
Creates pliable, matte looking styles
Non-water-based formula makes it long-lasting
Subtle Vanilla and coconut scent
Ideal for short-medium hair lengths, short and tight looks Made in Australia

    Instant Rockstar

    Instant Rockstar Solid Rock Strong Hold Moulding Wax 100ml


    6 Weekly interest free payments of $4.16Info