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The entirely new Heat Brush is designed to quickly heat up when blow-drying. It lets the air pass through the brush head and gives the hair volume. The Heat Brush comes in all sizes in order to form the perfect curls and achieve exactly the blow-drying you want – and even quicker than you’re used to because the ceramic tubes retain the heat perfectly. T

he zig-zag heat-resistant bristles give you an even better grip when combing and a nice styling experience. Furthermore, the ergonomically designed handle ensures that it doesn’t slide in the hand.

Say goodbye to straightening irons and tongs. The new Heat Brush leaves the hair silky-smooth, shiny and with lots of volume.


The innovative brush hair technology sets new standards and enable you to control the heat while styling.

When the hairdryer heats the tubes of the Heat Brush to 60 degrees, the black tube turns pink to indicate high temperature. The stylist is thereby able to regulate the heat to avoid damage on the hair. Once the brush cools down to a safe temperature, the brush heads will turn back to black.

HH Simonsen

HH Simonsen Hot Tube Heat Brush - 43mm


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