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Have your nails had enough? Luckily our Hard To Resist Nail Strengthener knows just what to do.

about the hard to resist nail strengthener pink tint

Hard To Resist Nail Strengthener creates a protective barrier against daily wear and tear, so you can nail every moment! Using clinically tested strength and nail bonding technology, 93% were satisfied nails felt stronger.* Choose between the pink tint for a natural glow and shine, or the purple tint to neutralise yellowness and brighten.

Hard To Resist nail strengthener benefits:

  • Stronger Nails: 93% were satisfied nails felt stronger*
  • Nail Bonding Technology: 96% agree nails look smooth**
  • Protective Barrier: Against daily wear and tear. ?
  • Pink Tint: 96% agree it provides nails with a natural glow**
  • Easy Glide Brush: Exclusive shaped brush for quick, even application.


Essie Hard To Resist Nail Strengthener - Pink Tint 13.5ml


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