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Oily Hair

Produced naturally by our scalps and skin, a substance known as sebum helps to keep our hair healthy, smooth and strong. However, sometimes sebum production can increase as the result of hormonal changes, lifestyle changes or even the changing of the seasons, leaving our hair looking and feeling oily. Although it’s normal for your hair to get a little greasy between washes, oily hair can be managed with the right hair products.

If you’re reinventing your hair care routine to help manage oily hair, consider purchasing an oily hair shampoo. Designed to help balance your hair and scalp, they clear away any excess oils without completely stripping the natural oils that protect your hair. Lightweight oily hair conditioners are also worth investigating, providing your hair with plenty of moisture without weighing it down. Sometimes you might notice a buildup of oils or other products in your hair. Using a clarifying shampoo for oily hair a few times a month can help to cleanse your scalp and hair. If you’re trying to stretch out the time between hair washes, dry shampoo for oily hair can be another great product to have on hand. A few spritzes close to the scalp helps to absorb excess oil, while also adding extra volume to any style.

At Oz Hair & Beauty, you’ll find a wide variety of high quality hair products available at great prices. Shop for products for oily hair from leading hair care brands such as Klorane, De Lorenzo, GK Hair, and more.

Not sure where to get started with managing your oily hair? Reach out to our friendly customer service team for advice and discover the best products for your hair type.

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