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Root Touch Up

At Oz Hair and Beauty, we understand the importance of maintaining that freshly-colored look. That's why our Root Touch Up collection is meticulously curated to ensure your hair always looks salon-perfect. Whether you're combating greys or managing regrowth, our range offers the perfect solution.

Our Roots Touch Up options cater to all hair types, ensuring a natural-looking finish. These Hair Root Touch Up products are specially designed to maintain your color and are gentle on both hair and scalp.

You can experience the ease of a Root Touch Up Spray, ideal for quick fixes and on-the-go moments. It blends seamlessly with your existing colour, offering immediate coverage. For those who trust the expertise of renowned brands, our L'Oreal Root Touch Up products provide professional-grade solutions that cover greys and new growth with unmatched precision.

Blondes will find their perfect match in our Blonde Root Touch Up range, specifically formulated to blend effortlessly with lighter hair shades. On the flip side we also have brunette root touch ups as well as a range of other colours. 

For a mess-free application, our Root Touch Up Powder is an excellent choice, offering temporary coverage ideal for sensitive scalps. When a more permanent solution is needed, our Root Touch Up Dye provides long-lasting coverage, ensuring that your roots seamlessly blend with the rest of your hair. 

For those who prefer luxury, the Oribe Root Touch Up line offers products infused with nourishing ingredients, maintaining hair health while covering greys. For an innovative approach, Color Wow Root Touch Up provides a range of colours to match your hair perfectly for a natural, seamless cover.

At Oz Hair and Beauty, our Root Touch Up collection merges quality with convenience, making regular root touch ups easier than ever to keep your hair color vibrant and consistent. Discover your ideal root touch-up solution with us.

    Frequently asked questions(10)

    How much does a bleach root touch up cost?

    You can buy Root Touch ups from Oz Hair and Beauty for as little as $5.50

    How to touch up roots with highlights?

    Touching up roots with highlights involves carefully applying color to the regrowth area to blend with existing highlights. It's a delicate process that often requires a professional's touch to ensure the highlights merge seamlessly with the natural hair color and previous highlights.

    How to do your own root touch up?

    To do a root touch-up at home: 1. Choose a root touch-up product that matches your hair colour. 2. Follow the product instructions, typically involving applying the product to the roots and leaving it on for a specified time. 3. Use a comb to part your hair and apply the product evenly. 4. Rinse thoroughly after the required time.