SOJO Essential Wellness was founded by Sophia and Joanna Hatziandreou in an expression of their passions for health and vitality through natural essences. Their love of essential oils grew as the foundation for the launch of an educational space on the benefits of natures powerful tools and how they can be incorporated into ones every day life. The SOJO coffee body scrub includes nourishing and revitalising ingredients to renew and invigorate your skin in an environmentally sustainable way . The delicious combination of Cold pressed coffee, Raw sugar, Coconut oil and Certified pure therapeutic grade  wild orange essential oil, helps to achieve a fresh feeling of rejuvenation assisting in the maintenance of a healthy wholistic lifestyle. 

SOJO coffee body scrub is the perfect addition to your regime, prepping your beautiful skin for the big day ahead or washing away those nasty free radicals at the end of a long one.