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Gua Sha

Do you carry a lot of your stress in your face, head and neck area? Adding gua sha tools to your skincare routine can help you relieve tension by loosening your facial muscles, amongst a host of other benefits. Gua sha has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for hundreds of years to relieve muscle pain, release toxins and boost circulation, so it’s worth adding one of these tools to your skincare regimen. 

The gua sha benefits are plentiful, from increased circulation and collagen production to muscle relaxation and inflammation control. Gua sha on your face is a real look good/feel good combo we can all get behind. For optimal results, we recommend using your gua sha with your facial oil of choice. This will allow the tool to move easily without pulling your delicate skin. 

You'll have no shortage of options when you're ready to start unleashing the wonderful powers of a gua sha massage, as you'll be able to choose the best tranquility tool for you with the help of our great selection of gua sha. Find some inner calm via a gua sha stone from trusted brands like Salt by Hendrix and Beauty Fridge. Use your gua sha in tandem with a face roller for the ultimate de-puffing, circulation-boosting facial. Face rollers are great for lymphatic drainage while the key benefit of gua sha is facial muscle release, however both kinds of tools have mutual benefits.

Give yourself the luxury of a gua sha facial whenever you feel like it with the help of gua sha and other facial sculptor tools and accessories from Oz Hair & Beauty. Not sure where to start? Get in touch with our ace customer service team via live chat and they'll help put you on the path to relaxation.