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Sensitive Skin

Want to create the perfect skincare routine? At Oz Hair & Beauty, we have a whole range of skin care for sensitive skin that is not only gentle, but super nourishing and effective.

Sensitive skin is one of the most common skincare concerns and skin types. Sometimes you can naturally have skin that is easily irritated to certain ingredients in your moisturiser, or you might have overdone it with the acne treatments or exfoliating masks. To soothe and calm your skin, opt for products that can help build up your skin’s natural barrier.

Soothe your skin with our skin care for sensitive skin

Sensitive skin and dehydrated skin can also sometimes go hand-in-hand. So when you’re creating your skincare routine, make sure you’re including hydrating moisturisers and masks in it (hyaluronic acid is a great ingredient to look out for!). Sensitive skin can be triggered by a number of factors, so it’s super important that you’re patch testing any new skincare product before you slather it on. Don’t forget to also include a broad spectrum sunscreen (or moisturiser with SPF) into your routine to protect your face from sun damage, environmental factors and UV rays!

You can shop a wide range of skin care for sensitive skin at Oz Hair & Beauty. Whether you’re struggling with pigmentation, oiliness or dry skin, we’ve got you covered with our skin care products. And don't forget, we have Afterpay and Zippay too, so you can afford to spoil yourself, girl!

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