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The ultimate beauty solution for your hair is now here! Unveiling the beauty secrets of the Queen of Egypt and discovering the oils used by the early Mediterranean civilizations, Orofluido is able to craft the best solution to achieving light, shiny, silky and absolutely beautiful hair.

Extracting the three precious beauty oils – linseed oil, cyerus oil and argan oil – Orofluido is able to create an exquisite blend that will bring out the best in your hair. The brand offers a wide spectrum of high-end hair care products that protect, hydrate, nourish and repair the hair. The ingredients also help smoothen the hair and seal the cuticles to provide control and uniformity.

Each of Orofluido’s products is designed to improve hair manageability, leaving it beautifully healthy and shiny all the time. The delightful Amber fragrance with a touch of vanilla will take you to a magical world of beauty and amazing aroma.

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