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Nioxin Shampoo

Thinning hair is one of the biggest hair concerns for both men and women, and for all hair types. To combat this, Nioxin have created a formula that improves scalp and hair health. Based on the idea that your scalp needs the same amount of care as the skin on your face, the Nioxin shampoo range is not only innovative, but incredibly gentle.

Nioxin shampoos restore your hair to its fullest volume and strength by using a special 3D system. This system improves the density and diameter of your hair as well as your scalp health - all the while producing effective results for men and women around the world.

Choose from six specialised Nioxin shampoo formulas, each targeting your specific hair and scalp needs. Systems 1 to 3 are perfect for light thinning, while Systems 4 to 6 are ideal for noticeably thinning hair. Nioxin shampoos are designed to help you combat thinning hair (and the further loss of hair), no matter what stage you’re at.

For optimal, clinically proven results, combine your required Nioxin shampoo with the corresponding, revitalising conditioner. You can also opt for the Nioxin system starter kits to see if these shampoos are the solution for you.

Need some scalp therapy? Discover how “skin care for hair” can transform your hair care routine and combat against thinning. Shop the entire Nioxin product range online from Oz Hair & Beauty today. Spend over $50 to get free delivery and remember, you can shop guilt free using one of our interest free payment options.