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Men's Grooming

Managing facial hair can be extremely challenging if you aren’t equipped with the right tools of the trade.  Oz Hair & Beauty has everything you need to maintain a well-groomed beard and moustache for the long haul, with a selection of high quality products that will keep them in check throughout every phase of their growth.

You should never leave your house without a beard and moustache comb and with the brand Captain Fawcett’s eye for quality materials and design, after purchasing their beautifully crafted combs you’ll never forget the essentials again.  The fine-toothed folding combs are ideal for helping shape your facial hair into a variety of styles and rake out any unwanted debris that might find its way in there throughout the day.

The odd stray hair can easily throw off the balance of an otherwise perfectly shaped beard, moustache or eye brow which is why Oz Hair & Beauty has brought together a collection of tweezers that can suit any situation. We stock both slender tweezers made for precision pulls and slanted designs that will get into the hard to reach places.  The right combination of tweezer tools will keep your facial hair picture perfect no matter where you are.

Shop Oz Hair & Beauty’s range of men’s grooming tools available online at great prices.