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Wax Pots

Discover our range of professional quality wax heaters, pots and inserts, designed to perfectly heat up your wax for maximum hair removal.

At Oz Hair & Beauty, we stock high quality professional wax heaters and inserts, suitable for professional use or at home waxing. Discover our range available at amazing prices across Australia.

Select between a single wax heater or twin wax heater to suit your individual needs. A twin wax heater is best for people who need to heat up two different waxes at the same time so that they can wax multiple areas in one session.

Each wax heater’s temperature can be adjusted to suit any kind of wax you are using. They are suitable for strip wax, hard wax and hot wax. Select your wax based on your skin type and area that you are waxing. Then insert it into your wax heater to melt and become easy to apply. You can then use your applicator or roller to smooth the wax onto your skin or your client’s skin.

Wax inserts may not be included with the wax heaters, and they should be purchased separately. Select the size and shape that suits your wax heater and also the wax you will be using.