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Fudge Shampoo

With a passion for individuality and experimentation, Fudge are innovators with their development of hair care products that are creative, vibrant and professional. Discover high-performance hair care and wow-factor results in our selection of Fudge shampoos available at Oz Hair & Beauty.

Specialising in hair colour restoration and maintenance, the Fudge shampoo range includes a variety of colour fortifying formulas suited for all shades. For all the blondes (who are having  much more fun, of course) the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning shampoo is your go to. Pigmented purple tones will remove those unwanted brassy yellow hues, leaving you with a cleaner brighter blonde.

And for all the brunette babes, say adios to red and orange tones with the Cool Brunette Blue-Toning Fudge shampoo. For general colour enhancement that is suited for all colour shades, the Colour Lock Fudge Shampoo will do the job.

Alongside these colour-specific formulas, Fudge also provide a selection of nourishing shampoos that improve general hair strength, volume and shine for visibly healthier looking hair. Be sure to use your chosen Fudge shampoo with the corresponding conditioner for optimal results.

You can shop the full Fudge range online today for more salon-quality products including conditioners, treatments and styling products. And don’t forget - you can buy any product online from Oz Hair & Beauty now and pay later with Afterpay.