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BB Creams

BB cream and CC cream. We're sure you've heard of them, but do you really know what they are and what the difference is between these two face makeup products? Let us start by saying, they definitely aren't your typical foundation.

So what is BB Cream?

Short for beauty balm, BB cream is a multipurpose, lightweight face cream that pits several incredible skincare benefits into one makeup product. Hydration, colour correction, sun protection and much more - a layer of BB cream for your base is the perfect foundation for anyone with skin concerns.

And what is CC Cream?

Short for complexion correction, CC cream essentially serves the same purpose as BB cream, only it provides extra coverage to hide blemishes, dark circles and imperfections. As they do provide more coverage, CC cream tends to have a heavier formula than BB cream, however still provides all the same incredible skincare benefits!

So if you've been on the hunt for a new foundation that does more good than harm to your skin, then BB and CC cream will be your new favourite makeup product! Shop BB cream and CC cream in our makeup range online today.