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Exfoliating Cleansers

With exfoliating cleansers, you can get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you'll be able to enjoy the deep-cleaning power of a quality cleanser. And on the other, you get the excellent purifying properties of any good exfoliant. So, not only do your pores get a nice deep clean, but you also can rid your face of the dead skin cells and debris that can lead to acne, blackheads and other skincare concerns. Sounds pretty good to us!

Oz Hair & Beauty is the place to turn to make sure you get this lovely combo into your skincare setup. Your cleanser is a great way to start building up (don't worry, it's just about the only build up you'll experience) a long-term relationship with some of your future besties in the form of cosmeceuticals and their high-powered help. AHA and BHA cleansers are where it's at. AHA options include exfoliators with glycolic acid, while the latter is where you'll get some sweet, sweet salicylic acid action, which can help you say adios to adult acne and add some much-needed chill to your oily skin. And with options from beloved brands including Murad, Medik8, Aspect, Shea Moisture, Charles + Lee and more, you can stay committed to your faves with just a few taps or clicks. 

Combining a top-shelf exfoliating cleanser with your best face scrubber or other facial cleansing device gives you all the ingredients you need for some huge purifying power. Find some of the best exfoliators for your face in Australia right here on Oz Hair & Beauty today. And don't forget to use the live chat to get in touch with our expert customer service team if you have any questions!

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