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Clairol Professional

Interested in adding some colour to your world? Look no further.

Clairol Professional brings over 60 years of at-home hair colouring experience to the table and after establishing their hair colouring products as a normal part of the beauty practice, the time is right for you to enjoy any shade that tickles your fancy.

At Oz Hair & Beauty we stock a substantial range of Clairol Professional hair care products that are designed to keep your colour treatments looking timeless and radiant.  Using their combination of moisture shampoos and repair shampoos and conditioners is the best way for you to maintain that fresh from the salon look and keep heads turning with your fabulously coloured hair.

Whether you are looking to change your look, look natural or cover up a few persistent greys, Clairol Professional has a specialised product designed for your own personal journey to ensure that every step is a beautiful one.

Shop Oz Hair & Beauty’s range of Clairol Professional haircare products at affordable prices online today.