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A two in one product, this product is a must have in your arsenal, especially if you have young children who are prone to catching head lice.

Blast A Nit Natural De-Tangler Spray and Conditioner are a two step program used to be both a preventative and a treatment against head lice. Created from certified organic ingredients alone, this product is suitable to be used on sensitive scalps, on adults and children and even infants and those who are pregnant. Non-toxic and able to be repeated as often as needed, the de-tangler spray and conditioner are designed to be used together and combed out of the hair with a head lice specific comb. Crafted to be a fool proof system, this process can be repeated until there is no remaining trace of the head lice.

Available online and in-store this is the definitive treatment for head lice and is offered at the most competitive prices here at Oz Hair & Beauty.

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