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The Wella Professionals ColorMotion+ collection is more than just a color protection range; it's a comprehensive haircare system that strengthens hair bonds for remarkable condition, adds shine, and maintains color vibrancy between salon visits. Its advanced formula offers a multi-benefit approach, addressing the specific needs of colored hair to ensure it looks and feels its best. Embrace the full potential of your hair color with the added assurance of long-lasting protection and enhanced hair health.

Elevate your hair color protection with ColorMotion+ Wella, a premium range designed to enhance color longevity and hair health. Wella ColorMotion Shampoo, Wella ColorMotion Conditioner, and Wella ColorMotion Mask work synergistically to prevent colour fade. It creates a shield against fading colouring, which ensures vibrant, long-lasting color. The Wella Color Motion Shampoo is the epitome of a high quality colour protect shampoo. The Wella Color Motion Conditioner is specifically formulated to smooth and condition, while the Color Motion Wella Kit offers a comprehensive solution for ultimate colour protection. Dive into the ColorMotion+ series for superior color care and protection.

    Frequently asked questions(6)

    How to use Wella Color Motion Structure Mask?

    Apply to clean, damp hair, leave on for the recommended time, then rinse thoroughly.

    How to remove Wella Colour Mask?

    Rinse thoroughly with warm water until all product is washed out.

    Are Wella hair products good?

    Yes, Wella is recognized for its professional quality and effectiveness.