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Modern Original Products create tools for the environmentally conscious customer, formulated with vegetable and fruit-based botanicals and natural extracts in their formulas.

Their range of natural products are designed for everyone, regardless of age, sex or hair type. Their C-system clean shampoo contains powerful antioxidants that gently cleanse and provide protection from the elements. Their hydrating shampoo adds healthy shine to your hair with the help of fruit extracts that make your hair soft and pliable.

Their hydrating conditioner contains plant derived moisturisers, wheat, soy and proteins that bring hydration deep into the hair shaft.

MOP’s Basil Mint products include the Basil Mint Revitalising Shampoo with natural extracts that stimulate the scalp, regulate dandruff and control excess oil production. The naturally derived cleansing agents revitalise the hair and scalp without drying out your skin. If you are looking for a versatile firm hold product that delivers a strong hold that lasts all day and night the Basil Mint Clay is a must have.

Browse through the full range of MOP products that we have available at great prices and find the natural option that works best for you. At Oz Hair & Beauty there is something for every modern original person.