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Welcome to the world of L'Oréal Volumetry, where fine hair meets its voluminous match. This collection is a celebration of lush, full-bodied locks that defy gravity and leave you with a head-turning mane.


L'Oréal Volumetry Shampoo:

Indulge your hair in the volumizing wonders of Loreal Volumetry Shampoo. Crafted for fine hair, the Loreal Shampoo volume and body is remarkable, lifting hair from the roots, providing a boost of volume that lasts. This shampoo for fine hair is designed to add body and lift to even the finest strands


L'Oréal Volumetry Spray:

Elevate your styling routine with Loreal Volumetry Spray. This weightless spray adds volume and body to your hair, giving you the freedom to create stunning, voluminous styles.


Say goodbye to flat, lifeless hair with fine hair products like the dynamic duo of Volumetry Shampoo and Volumetry Spray. Transform your fine strands into a voluminous masterpiece that turns heads wherever you go.


Shop the L'Oréal Volumetry collection at Oz Hair and Beauty and witness the magic of voluminous hair that defies gravity. Your journey to fuller, more voluminous locks starts here!

    Frequently asked questions(4)

    How to Use Loreal Volumetry?

    Using L'Oréal Volumetry is a breeze! Follow these simple steps: Wet your hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of L'Oréal Volumetry Shampoo, focusing on the roots. Massage the shampoo into your scalp, creating a luxurious lather. Rinse thoroughly, and for enhanced results, follow with L'Oréal Volumetry Spray.

    Does Loreal Test on Animals?

    L'Oréal has taken steps to reduce animal testing and is committed to developing alternative testing methods. However, the brand's animal testing policies may vary based on specific products and regions. Check the product packaging or visit the official L'Oréal website for the most accurate information.

    Is Loreal Cruelty-Free?

    L'Oréal is actively working towards being cruelty-free and has made significant strides in this direction. While some L'Oréal products may still undergo animal testing in certain regions, the brand is committed to phasing out this practice. Look for products labeled as cruelty-free and refer to the company's official stance for the latest updates.