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Scalp Advanced

Welcome to the realm of healthy, invigorated scalps with L'Oréal Scalp Advanced – a collection designed to address various scalp concerns and transform your hair care routine. From dandruff to oiliness, this range caters to your scalp's unique needs, ensuring a harmonious and balanced environment for your hair to thrive.


L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Anti-Dandruff Shampoo:

Bid farewell to dandruff concerns with the powerful action of Loreal Scalp Advanced Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. This Loreal Scalp Advanced Shampoo is specially crafted to combat flakes and promote a flake-free, healthy scalp.


L'Oréal Professional Shampoo for Oily Scalp:

Say goodbye to excess oiliness with Loreal Scalp Advanced Anti-Oiliness Shampoo. Achieve the perfect balance as this Loreal Scalp Advanced Anti Oiliness Shampoo regulates oil production, leaving your scalp feeling clean and revitalized.


L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Discomfort Shampoo:

For those experiencing discomfort or irritation, Loreal Scalp Advanced Discomfort Shampoo provides a soothing solution. Calm your scalp and embrace a newfound sense of relief with this Loreal shampoo.


L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Mask:

Deeply nourish and treat your scalp to a spa-like experience with the Loreal Scalp Advanced Mask. This mask is designed to combat excess oil, leaving your scalp feeling refreshed, and your hair revitalized.


L'Oréal Serioxyl Advanced Denser Hair Serum:

Loreal Scalp Serum provides targeted care to address specific scalp concerns and promote overall health. This Loreal Scalp Oil is a professional daily scalp serum treatment that visibly densifies hair by using a concentrated formula that's suitable for sensitive scalps.


Embrace a scalp that feels balanced, comfortable, and revitalized. Shop the L'Oréal Scalp Advanced collection at Oz Hair and Beauty and unlock the secret to a healthier, happier scalp. Your hair's journey to perfection begins here!

    Frequently asked questions(4)

    Can We Apply Loreal Hair Mask on Scalp?

    L'Oréal hair masks are typically formulated for the lengths and ends of the hair rather than the scalp. It's recommended to focus hair masks on the mid-lengths to ends, avoiding direct application to the scalp. For scalp-specific concerns, explore products like the L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Mask, Shampoo or Serum.

    How to Use Loreal Scalp Advanced?

    Follow these steps for an effective L'Oréal Scalp Advanced routine: Wet hair thoroughly. Apply a generous amount of L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Shampoo, working it into a lather. Rinse and repeat if necessary. For targeted care, use L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Serum or other specific products from the range. Follow with L'Oréal Scalp Advanced Mask for an extra boost of nourishment (if applicable). Check product packaging for any additional instructions.

    Does Loreal Test on Animals?

    L'Oréal has made efforts to reduce animal testing, and the company is committed to developing alternative testing methods. While they strive to eliminate animal testing, policies may vary based on specific products and regions. For the most accurate information, refer to the product packaging or L'Oréal's official website.