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Hair Play

Discover the freedom to play with your hair's shape and structure with KMS Hair Play at Oz Hair and Beauty. KMS Hair Play offers innovative solutions for texturing, molding, and styling, ensuring your hair stays playful, with lasting hold and natural movement.

KMS Hair Play Molding Paste

Provides texture with a strong, pliable hold and matte finish. Ideal for creating sculpted styles that last all day, without compromising hair's flexibility.

KMS Hair Play Dry Wax

Achieve a perfectly tousled look with this dry wax. It offers dimensional texture with a matte finish, ensuring a hold that's firm yet reworkable.

KMS Hair Play Sea Salt Spray

Create beachy waves with this spray, enhancing hair's natural texture. It offers a light hold and adds body, for an effortlessly tousled look.

KMS Hair Play Styling Gel

This gel provides strong hold without flaking, perfect for sleek styles or adding structure to longer hair. It's versatile and can be used on wet or dry hair.

KMS Hair Play encourages exploration and creativity in hairstyling. With products designed to suit every texture and style, transform your look with ease and confidence. 

    Frequently asked questions(3)

    Where can I buy KMS Hair Play?

    You can purchase KMS Hair Play products at Oz Hair and Beauty, an online retailer that offers a wide range of hair care and styling products.

    Are KMS Hair Play products safe to use on coloured hair?

    All KMS Hair Play products are gentle enough for daily use on color-treated hair.

    What Are the KMS Hair Play Products?

    The KMS Hair Play collection includes products such as molding paste, dry wax, sea salt spray, and styling gels. These are designed for texturizing, molding, and holding hairstyles.