Unlock the secret to fuller, voluminous hair with the luxurious Kevin Murphy Thickening range. Carefully curated to add body, texture, and thickness to your locks, this collection is your ticket to hair that speaks volumes.


Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash: Begin your journey to thicker hair with the indulgent Plumping Wash. This hair thickening shampoo gently cleanses, providing a foundation for voluminous strands.


Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse: Follow up with the transformative Plumping Rinse. This conditioner adds body and bounce, leaving your hair with a thicker, fuller appearance.


Kevin Murphy Body Mass: Elevate your thickening game with Body Mass. This leave-in plumping treatment is formulated to give your hair a density boost, promoting a thicker and healthier-looking mane.


Kevin Murphy Doo.Over: Experience versatility with Doo.Over – a styling product that not only thickens your hair but also provides a touchable hold for endless styling possibilities.


Kevin Murphy Full.Again: Indulge in the rejuvenating effects of Full.Again. This thickening lotion helps to fortify and strengthen your hair, contributing to a fuller and more resilient look.


Why Choose Kevin Murphy Thickening?

  • Voluminous Results: The Thickenining collection is designed to deliver voluminous results, making your hair look and feel thicker from root to tip.

  • Multi-Functional Products: From the Plumping Wash and Rinse to the Body Mass treatment and styling with Doo.Over, each product serves a unique purpose in enhancing the thickness and density of your hair.

  • Revolutionary Formulations: Kevin Murphy is synonymous with innovative formulations, and the Thickenining collection is no exception. Elevate your haircare routine with products crafted for maximum impact.


Amplify the beauty of your hair with the complete range of Kevin Murphy Hair Products. Say goodbye to flat, lifeless locks and welcome the confidence that comes with voluminous, thicker hair.


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    Frequently asked questions(6)

    How to Apply Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash?

    Wet your hair thoroughly. Take a small amount of Plumping Wash and massage it into your scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Rinse thoroughly. For optimal results, follow with the Kevin Murphy Plumping Rinse.

    How to Use Kevin Murphy Doo.Over?

    Shake the Doo.Over spray well before use. Hold the can at a distance and mist lightly over dry hair. Style your hair as desired, using the product to add volume, thickness, and a touchable hold.

    How to Use Kevin Murphy Body Mass?

    Apply Body Mass to towel-dried hair, focusing on the roots and lengths. Comb through to ensure even distribution. Style your hair as usual. This leave-in treatment works to enhance hair density and thickness.