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Fresh Affair

Kérastase Fresh Affair is a product apart of the Kerastase brand. It's a dry shampoo that provides a quick and convenient solution for refreshing and reviving your hair between washes. This innovative product is designed to absorb excess oil and impurities from the scalp and hair, leaving it feeling clean, lightweight, and revitalized. With its unique micro-fine powder formula, Fresh Affair instantly refreshes the hair without leaving any residue or build-up.

One of the standout features of Kérastase Fresh Affair is its long-lasting effect. It helps to extend the time between washes, allowing you to maintain fresh-looking hair for longer periods. The dry shampoo also adds texture and volume to the hair, making it a versatile styling tool.

Applying Fresh Affair is a breeze. Simply spray it onto the roots and lengths of the hair, then massage or brush through to evenly distribute the product. The result is refreshed, revived hair that looks and feels as though it has just been washed.

Whether you're short on time, traveling, or simply want to extend the life of your hairstyle, Kérastase Fresh Affair is a go-to product. Its oil-absorbing and refreshing properties make it an essential addition to your hair care routine, providing a convenient way to maintain beautiful, clean, and revitalized hair anytime, anywhere.

    Frequently asked questions(2)

    What is kerastase fresh affair?

    Kérastase Fresh Affair is a fine, lightweight dry shampoo designed by Kérastase to refresh and revitalize hair between washes.

    Is kerastase fresh affair good?

    The product is generally well-regarded by users and beauty experts for its ability to refresh hair without the heavy or powdery residue that some dry shampoos leave behind. It's praised for its fine mist, pleasant scent, and effectiveness in extending the life of hairstyles, making it a popular choice among those who want to maintain their hair's appearance and feel between traditional washes.