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Johnny B

Johnny B. Hair Care is designed for men who visit barbershops and salons and take their personal care and grooming seriously.

That’s why the high quality of their products should come as no surprise. To add to the personal care experience, Johnny B. Hair Care has developed a number of options to suit different hair types, styling needs and individual preference. For those seeking a hair styling product that provides creative flexibility without sacrificing maximum hold, they have developed hair cream, styling gels, pomades and molding pastes. From the clean and classy look to the edgy rocker, Johnny B. Hair can do it all.

For those in search of cleansing products, purchasing something from the Johnny B. shampoo line is also a great option. Their energising shampoo and body wash formula is suitable for all hair types. Its refreshing lather leaves you with an invigorating woodsy scent that will absorb bad odours all day long.

Get yours today from Oz Hair & Beauty while supplies last.